Marketing Strategy for Businesses

Marketing Strategy

One of the most important plan a business can create and execute is a marketing one. Still, despite the importance of such planning, many businesses don’t have one.  Many businesses lack the resources to create a plan to truly grow a business whether it’s people, money or even time. Our business thrives on supporting those who struggle with marketing planning and execution.  If you’re finding your business drowning and lacking the expertise to improve your marketing efforts, we can help.

What We Do

Nearly 100% of our business comes from clients just like you who lack the proper resources for not just planning but implementation.  Who is my target? How can I get my customers to find me online?  How do improve my brand image?  Whatever your questions are, the office ants provide a clear picture of what you can do to improve your marketing efforts.

How We Do It

It’s a three-part process for our clients and it’s simple.  We begin with a free 30-minute consultation where we discuss your needs and ask specific questions and then follow up with a marketing strategy option, marketing execution option and or marketing consultation for your business.  See below for details and how to get started.


How We Do It

Free Consultation

Free Consultation:  First and always first is an assessment.  We offer potential clients a free 30-minute consultation.  Within the consultation, our experts review a business’s challenges and assess the opportunities for a potential customer.  From there we offer three solutions for choose from; Planning, Execution, and Consultation.  During this timeframe, clients are often provided excellent and original advice to improve their business and marketing strategy.  At a minimum, we recommend taking advantage of this free service.


Marketing Plan & Strategy

Our Marketing Plan & Strategy: After a thorough analysis of a business, the office ants will provide an overview (top level) preliminary plan of how to improve your marketing efforts for your business.  If a business is pleased and would like a full marketing plan, the client is able to purchase the plan to in return execution on their own.  The plan will always include a comprehensive approach such as improving a digital footprint, enhancing branding, email campaigns opportunities, social media, web design improvements and more.  The marketing plan includes a budget so that clients can evaluate and approve the current costs for each marketing initiatives.


Marketing Execution for the Plan

Our Execution: Once a plan and budget are approved, the office ants can assist in the execution of the complete marketing plan or partial plan, depending on the client’s needs.  Sometimes a client only needs assistance in project execution such as email campaigns or web redesign.  Our goal is to assist when and where a client has marketing needs.  For clients who are looking for a marketing arm for their business and or a total solution, we have just the right resources to execute against all market planning.  Fees are assessed based on planned initiatives.

Marketing Consultation

Consulting Services:  The hourly rate for marketing consultation is $56/hour.  Businesses can hire the office ants on a per project basis for a little as 10 hours per week.  Consulting services can include assisting in many marketing initiatives that a business currently manages to include strategy, branding, social media, content writing and more.   Our experts review and improve existing programs and can improve business spending.  If you’re looking for a marketing partner to take over some of your objectives and day-to-day deliverables, we can help.  Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help.


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