It’s a New Year with new opportunities and with that comes some great bargains. For this month and next, we’re running a special for new customers that will start your business right for 2018.

Everyone knows by now if you have a business, B2B or B2C, you almost certainly need to be on Facebook. And in doing so, you need to keep active on that network, letting potential customers know you’re available on all the social media platforms their using.  Getting access to our favorite brands online is key in today’s digital world so if you’re not using social media, then you’re missing out on serious opportunities.

One of the biggest challenges business have today is running their marketing while they’re managing their business. It’s been my experience that most businesses treat their marketing as an afterthought. It happens. If you’re one of the few that does some market planning, then you already know how finding a person or an agency to manage the day-to-day marketing is incredibly challenging. Although the market seems saturated with countless digital marketing experts of all shapes and sizes, many businesses still have a hard time finding a good partner to manage their social media. That’s where our business comes in. For over six years, the Office Ants have been supporting businesses who lack the time and additional resources to be active on social media. And we do that by offering social media solutions at affordable prices. If you’re one of those people that struggles with managing it all, then this offer is perfect for you to get started.

January Hot Deals Offer

Sign up for an annual social media service “Best Value” or higher

and receive “FREE” Facebook advertising.* 

And now we’re offering even more value to our newest clients and it all starts with Facebook. 

Getting social has never been easier and at affordable prices.  With industry experts, your 2018 just might be the best year yet.  Sign-ups are easy, click here and let us take care of your social media planning and execution today.

About the January Hot Deal Offer: Sign up for an annual social media “Best Value” service or the “B2B LinkedIn Special” and your Facebook business page can receive a minimum of $25 monthly ad spend for the duration of twelve consecutive months. Offer good while supplies last. Some limitations may apply.

Want More Savings?

If you’re looking to save even more, than you need to check out our “Refer a Friend” offer.  Again, the details are simple: Refer a friend or business and you can find even more savings.  At any time, when you refer a friend or business and they sign up for one of our annual plans for social media or content services, your business can receive one month of service of equal value for FREE!  Your business can save a huge chunk of change so don’t delay. Click here to refer a business.

If you have any questions about these offers or other services, contact us today.

And remember, 2018 will be sure to fly by. Get the right support for your business and the best possible price.






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