Do you use Reddit for your Small Business? Do you even know how?  Many small businesses I talk to don’t understand how wonderful Reddit is.  They may say, “Oh yeah, I’ve read a few things there,” but in truth very few know of it’s true magic.  They often get stuck in the same Ol’ Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn conversations, maybe segueing into Instagram or Pinterest, but hardly ever mentioned Reddit.  Why is that?  We’re not sure but we thought we’d  highlight a few things Reddit offers small businesses and entrepreneurs and see if that clears up some muddy water.

According to Statistica, “the market share of the most popular social media sites in the United States in October 2016, based on market share of visits” are the following:  Facebook led with 42%, YouTube at a 24.9%, Twitter and Reddit were tied for third at 5.2%  You heard that correctly, Reddit was listed as fourth on this US list at 5.2%.  So how many users are there on Reddit?  We’ll get to that in a bit, let’s start with the basics for now.

Reddit’s Statistical Data Get’s Better.

Reddits touts some impressive data including 234 million unique users and 8 billion monthly page views.  It’s no wonder they’ve released the advertising gates and started to monetize more of their traffic.  But that’s the best part of their impressive stat, what’s even more impressive is they’ve been growing like a Faberge hair commercial where you tell “a friend and they tell two friends, and so on and so on…”  According to a recent report, Reddit’s “unique visitors” in July 2012 registered just under 40 million users and increased over six times that figure in April 2016 — to a staggering 234 million.  For more information on this report visit here.

Don’t have an account with Reddit yet?  Don’t worry, set up is really a no-brainer.

Set up is easy, it’s the next part that’s challenging.  Go to Reddit and then click to open account.  Its that easy.  Once you open it, verify it and that’s it.  If you’re a business or an individual, the important thing to note is you need to focus on your core message.  Like any social media platform, it takes time to maneuver, find the right groups to find and provide information.  The important part about Reddit is you need to be aware of how you interact with other users.  Be professional, helpful and never overly push your own marketing agenda.  Reddit has rules about those strategies and on top of that, users will be quick to ignore your message, questions etc.. if they think you’re only there to annoy.  That said, before you start, I recommend visiting Reddit’s “Reddiquette” which is an excellent guide for those just getting started.

Reddit is a Resource Mecca

If like any small business owner I know, you almost always search the web on how to do things.  Heck, even consumers do that.  One aspect that makes Reddit so cool is how many unique users there are to support small business.  In the realm of Reddit, there are subreddits which are groups that can potently help.  How so?  If you have a question about running, managing, financing or marketing your business, chance are there’s a Reddit user that has posted a thread about a topic that can help you.  But don’t take my word for it.

Small Business SubReddits – (a.k.a. Groups on Reddit)

Small Business – Over 58000 Subscribers

Entrepreneurs – Over 230,000 Subscribers

Small Business Ideas – Over 4300 Subscribers

Digital Marketing – Over 7100 Subscribers

Hacking – Over 100K Subscribers

These are just a few subreddits that can provide and invaluable source of information.  But before you do anything, you have to sign up.  After you sign up, and take time to subscribe to the various subreddits, then start doing some searching on your own.  You can find invaluable tips on running a business, financing your business and more.  It takes time to search and find good content that can help you, but make it a part of your day.  If you have background in a particular area, comment or vote.  Let others know your thoughts or questions.  It’s how it works.

Providing Content on Reddit.

By now so many people know how Content is King.  What’s becoming even more increasingly important is relevant content.  If you’re looking for a way to drive traffic to your website or blog, take an look at your business and what you provide.  If you have a relevant solution that can be formulated into an exceptional blog post, then create it and post it in Reddit and provide links back to your website.  With Reddit you never want to advertise your business, it’s all about solution-based and or helpful marketing.  When your writing it, try to come from a place that is helpful.  If you cross the self-promotion/advertising line at Reddit, you will get quickly shunned from other users and possibly the network.  Keep it simple, relevant and most of all helpful.

Advertising on Reddit

Yes you can advertise on Reddit.  Like most social networks, they need to be profitable so hence the advertising.  That said, advertising might be a great option for your small business.  The challenge though, like many networks that advertise i.e. Google, Facebook etc… it can get expensive and confusing if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Nate Shivar, from ShivarWeb wrote a really insightful blog post on his results from test advertising with Reddit.  What I liked best about this article (which there was plenty I might add) was his section on Reddit Advertising Ideas to Experiment With.  It covers promoting your content, short campaigns, event/contests/giveaways and more.  If you’re considering advertising on Reddit, make sure you take the time to target the right subreddit, and you target your ad groups properly.  Doing so and testing of course can save you a ton of money on advertising and provide you with some potentially exciting results.

If you’re looking to do more with your marketing and are not quite sure where to start, contact us for a free consultation.  We provide affordable social media services, content marketing solutions and more.  Contact us today.

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