If you’re like most businesses, you often wonder about Google Plus and whether its worth the hassle. Many social media enthusiasts have pondered that question for some time now. I personally do think it’s worth it for no other reason than it’s Google. And Google means SEO.  That said before you stop any or all efforts read this incredibly informative article about Google Plus. Despite it being fairly outdated, it is still relevant as we head into a new year.

It has a good basis for the following:

  • Google Plus Marketing 101
  • Google Plus & SEO


Should Google+ Marketing (Still) Be a Part of Your Digital Strategy?

But that was then and this is now. Is Google Plus still relevant?

Well, the short answer is yes. Why? Becuase many of those factors still apply. Even more so now that Google My Business Listing is running full speed ahead, creating more advanced features that can really help local businesses. Now many of the questions are, how do these two Google entities correlate with each other? Let’s take a look at Google Plus first.

Google Plus

If you had a Google Plus page whether is a personal page or a business brand account, at some point you’ve probably invested a nominal amount of time posting and linking back to your website? If that’s correct, then bonus. You built some creed in the Google SEO world. It’s a common fact that in the past Google Plus social interaction can help your SEO results. See this report if you don’t believe me. Today, those findings are more tied to the Google Business Listing, but they are still relevant.

Still, many businesses struggle with overall experience on Google Plus. Personally, as a social media consultant and expert, I get it. Google changes things constantly and that’s incredibly annoying but they are THE monster-search provider and can quite frankly do whatever the heck they want. Still, many people ask why it’s still important. Well, like any online company, the social platform not excluded, companies what you (the end user) to spend more time on all their assets. In Google’s case: search, ad words, blogs, chrome, phones. apps, social networks are aspects where Google wants you to buy and or visit.  I’m sure you get the point.  And when it comes to Google Plus, they want their users to be active and posting relevant content.  If you’re a business, try to think of your niche market. Search for ways to connect with those who may be customers on Google Plus whether its a community or a group. Gone are the days of just posting multiple updates. The content of any good SEO must be relevant.

Google My Business Listing / Google Posts

If you’re a local business, having a Google My Business Listing is a no-brainer. Not only should you complete your listing, you need to have it verified and start collecting reviews asap. Since mobile utilization is the ongoing star in the search category, your listing can make or break a business. Google My Business Listings are vital for businesses if you want to be found. And if you want to get even more exposure, you’ll post updates on Google Posts under your Google My Business listing. If you’re a restaurant, you should be updating offers, specials or menu items. If your a small business and want new customers, draw them in with an enticing offer like BOGOS or Free Consultations. These posts are great tools and must be updated or changed regularly as they do expire.

When you’re thinking about how Google plus fits into your overall strategy, think about how you’re using several channels to market your business. Take these steps:

  • Update your Google Plus profile
  • Target your niche markets such as local businesses or groups that have like-minded interests.
  • Create your Google My Business listing – especially if you’re a local business.
  • Encourage and respond to reviews on Google only. Make sure they are legit though.
  • Post updates on Google posts.

If you’re confused about what to do with Google Plus or even Google My Business Listing, don’t despair. There’s a tone of information online on how to maximize your listing including this one here. If you’re still confused, feel free to contact us with any questions.






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