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Who are The Office Ants?

We are a small band of marketing and creative professionals with collectively over twenty-five years experience in marketing, design, communications, social media, seo, sales and customer training. We’ve worked with some of the best or top-performing companies in the world, including a few fortune 200 companies.  From start-up to medium or large-sized companies,  we have a vast capacity to understand the growing demands of corporations.  Our goal is to provide a unique online environment or experience with two objectives:

  • Provide exceptional work product to those companies seeking our particular expertise. Let’s face it, in today’s marketplace few companies can afford to hire full-time employees.  And our business readily meets the needs for those companies. With reasonable rates, no task is too small and no project is too large. For more information, visit our services section.
  • Breed a creative work environment that inspires ingenious work.  Sometimes in your every day grind, you may find your marketing initiatives and programs become stale.  As a business you try everything you can to avoid this, but sometimes it happens.  We believe in order to capture the best creativity possible, you need to foster a creative work environment.  We achieve this by living a happy, lively existence, filled with laughter.  We believe when creative minds laugh it does a wonderful thing for the soul.

That’s it in a nutshell.  Have any additional questions, send us an email as info (at) theofficeants.com.

the office ants…where creativity and ingenuity collide

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