Spring Clean Your Business Social Media Accounts

Spring Clean Your Business Social Media Accounts

Often times businesses set up social media accounts, post sparingly and then forget about them. Other times businesses post content consistently, but rarely take the time to update their account, or review any changes to the platform. Well, there’s no better time than Spring to clean up your business social media accounts and take advantage of refreshing your business. Below we’ve highlighted some Spring Cleaning tips that every business should be implementing this season.

1. Update Your Brand on Your Social Networks

Is your cover art or icon outdated? What does your brand look like to your customers? What does your brand look like in comparison to your competitors? Like a fresh coat of paint, a new or updated design can brighten your social presence and get followers excited about your business again.

2. Update Account Profile and Contact Information

Have your hours changed at your business? Do you have a new website, phone number or contact email? What about a backup email or phone number for security purposes when logging into your account? Believe it or not, these account details can easily be missing or inaccurate with businesses. Take the time to review your profile information and get your followers or friends reliable access to contact your business.

3. Update Personal Profile Pictures

If you have personal profiles attached to any of your business social media accounts, be sure and update your profile picture to a professional image with good resolution. You’d be surprised how a real life person attached to a business website with a good professional image can improve a business’s credibility.

4. Review Your Follower Base

It’s easy to collect social media followers that aren’t aligned with your brand. Take a look at Twitter for example. That social media network can easily enable users to obtain a mass following of non-descript users that have nothing to do with your business. If you’re looking to improve your followers, take a look at programs such as Manage Flitter who can analyze your following and provide in-depth information about your followers. For more information about their program, visit here.

5. Determine the Impact on your Business when Social Media Networks Update their Platforms

Have you noticed a recent change with a social media network your business is using? Is it Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Or even Google+? When a social media network makes a change, you need to understand immediately how that impacts your business and possibly any advertising you have with them. For example, below are just a few networks that have made recent changes and how they might impact your business:

Facebook: Facebook 360 and Facebook Live are recent updates that give businesses an added edge when communicating with existing customers/followers or targeting potential customers. Take a look at what others are doing with these features and see how you can implement them to improve your own social media strategy. Facebook has also improved their advertising opportunities for those publishing video and post content which could lead to more conversions.

Twitter: Twitter is big on safety this year. According to a recent communication, Twitter is cracking down on trollers which is a good thing for all users, businesses included. Their three goals with their Safety update included: 1.) Stopping the creation of new abusive accounts, 2.) Introducing safer search results 3.) Collapsing potentially abusive or low-quality Tweets. Read more about that update here.

LinkedIn: It’s no secret that Microsoft purchased LinkedIn recently, but have you seen the changes that your Microsoft and LinkedIn account undergone recently? Talk about integration. And what does that mean for your business? Their goal initially is to improve user-experience so that’s a good thing, but what does that mean for business? Well, the professional is the first priority at the moment, so if you have a business, make sure you feature your business front and center on your profile. From there you’ll see aspects of how you view your network, new connections, company pages etc… changed. For example, if logged into your company profile, you’ll notice the beta page is pending. And frankly, I’m not a fan of the change, but it’s beta so we have been patient to see how things unfold for company pages.

Google Plus: Hey, even Google + has undergone some changes. Have you seen how they impact you and your business? Their feeds have changed and now are more community or group focused. Take a look at what’s happening over there and see how you can improve your business on Google+.

6. Review and delete potentially inappropriate posts, comments etc…

If you’re like most businesses, you’ve been steadily working on building a profit and not necessarily reviewing previously posted material or comments on your social media networks. Perhaps you accidently posted a questionable image or possibly ignored an inappropriate comment. While you’re reviewing your accounts, take a closer and delete anything that would associate your brand in a poor light. Tagged content on Facebook is an example where you might not see posts in your feed, but nonetheless, you may still be linked to it. Find those tags and remove or request their removal. Making these efforts can really help a brand’s reputation.

7. Update Web Links

If you’ve owned a business and you’ve made a change to your website, be sure you make sure all your links are working properly.

8. Consider a Spring Special Offer

There is no time like the present to revamp your social media networks with a unique offer to your customers. Think about every major online retailer and I promise you, they have some offer going on to entice their customers.

Remember, Spring is the time to get things clean and organized and that included your social media accounts. Bring new life back into your business by taking the time to clean up the clutter in your accounts.

If you’re struggling with the keeping track of all your social media accounts such as cleaning social clutter and maintaining a presence, contact us today or visit our affordable social media pricing.

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4 Vital Social Media Tips for Small Business

4 Vital Social Media Tips for Small Business

Did you know that 82% of small businesses that used at least one form of social media in 2016? Yes, if you want to see more about those statistics and more read here. Still, despite how many small businesses are dipping into the social media pool, there still finding themselves challenged with getting the most out of their efforts. When considering social media and your business, the social media you like isn’t always what is best. Before you go down the social road, you have to be prepared. Do your research before you launch or re-market! Here are some great tips to get you there.

1. Start With What You Know: Your Customer Base

If your customer base is the B2B market i.e. businesses selling to other business, then no matter how much you love Snap Chat…it might not be your best social avenue to engage your customer base. On the other hand, if you’re selling energy drinks to Millennials and teenagers, then Snapchat is the way to go. My point is, whichever social media you decide to join up, make sure the network is plenty full of your customer base.

2. What Do You Want To Accomplish?

When launching your business on social media, be honest about what you’re trying to accomplish. Why? Because identifying what your goals are earlier can save your and your business a ton of time and money. For example, if you’re looking to target or engage a specific group or location, you’ll need to be social on a network that can give you that type of targeting. Facebook, for example is fantastic at direct targeting i.e. Geo-location or even industry. If you’re just looking to build a brand, then your social media efforts may be vastly different.

3. Don’t Oversell!

When you’re posting on social, remember followers and fans don’t want to be oversold. Keep the content flowing with useful information. Always! If you’re not sure what I’m talking about then take some time on Twitter and you’ll see an insane amount of people trying to push their products or services. It’s exhausting. Try to share other people’s content so that your fan-base understand that your efforts are in the right place. Also, when you share, you build your own network of champions. Make sure your contact information is correct and that you respond to any messaging in a timely manner. There’s nothing more irritating to a potential customer when they arrive at a social network page and can’t find simple contact information.

4. Posting Relevant Content & Analytics

Creating and posting relevant content may seem like it’s easy but many times it’s not. Depending on what you’re selling, you need to review your website, decide what you want to promote and then after you promote it, analyze what social networks responded to. This may sound like a mouthful, but I promise you, analyzing your web and online data can truly help businesses learn more about what customers want and that includes social networks. If you’re not monitoring your website via Google analytics, you MUST in order to know the when where and how users are coming to your website. Google and social media analytics such as Twitter, Facebook etc.… can give you a brief overview or insight as to how your social media content is performing.

These are just some standard tips that I use when promoting social media. If any of this information seems complicated, you may not have the time to manage your business and if that’s the case, then contact us so that we can help.

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6 Business Mobile Marketing Tips

6 Business Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile Marketing small

Mobile Marketing Tips

It pains me to say that most small business owners I talk to don’t have a clue about what their business looks like to a mobile user.  Honestly, most of them don’t even know if their website is mobile-ready.  Mobile marketing isn’t even on their radar.  This isn’t that surprising when you consider how little they know about online marketing in general.  Much like our legal system, ignorance–especially in this day and age–is no defense.

Today I thought I’d feature some tips on implementing a mobile business and how you can capitalize on it.  Here’s a stat you’re going to want to commit to memory every time you do any planning around your business.

Fact:  Mobile Media Time IS the Preferred Choice

Last year’s Internet Trends Report by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) featured key findings that Mobile Media time is the preferred choice of media over desktop and other media devices.  Mobile users are averaging a total of 2.8 hours per day on their phones, which is increasing significantly over the last 2-3 years.  For more information on this report, click here.

CaptureInternet Report

6 Business Mobile Marketing Tips


1. What’s the plan?  Marketing to your mobile customers doesn’t have to be difficult, it just needs to be a part of your marketing plan period.  

Consider your existing plan?  Now, have you outlined how your mobile efforts fit into your planning?  It’s kind of like a decade or so ago when companies had to incorporate online marketing efforts into their existing marketing plan. Remember how many people had a hard time transitioning into the online world?  Wait, I know what you’re thinking…there are still companies that haven’t transitioned into the internet realm.  Yes, that’s true.  *Shakes Head and Sighs*  For now, let’s focus on the ones that have.  Get your plan together, and make sure it carves out a significant sector for mobile users.

2. Make sure your Website it Mobile-Ready

If you don’t have a website and your on WordPress, consider a mobile plugin like WPtouch Pro.  Start here and then make sure you test all the pages and features.  Crunchify wrote a great article featuring Top 3 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly.  If you get a chance, review this post to see how to improve your website’s mobility.  If you’re running another web platform, an older html website for example, look to solutions like DudaMobile.  Although I’m not a favorite of that platform, in a pinch, it can be a solid alternative.  And If you’re website is that old, you need to think about updating it and making sure it’s more responsive.

3.  Review your Mobile Analytics

Begin reviewing Google Analytics within over a 90 day period to understand determine how users are using your mobile site.   Which devices are they using?  To view this data on your website, in Google Analytics Navigate to Audience > Mobile > Devices.  Select the Percentage (pie chart) view from the top right of the table to see at a glance which devices drive the most traffic to your site.

 4.  Local Local Local – What does your business looks like online?

If you’re a retail establishment, you must be able to be found fast online.  The fastest way to do this is with making sure your online listings are setup and are accurate.  Reviews are another important aspect that need to be apart of your local marketing and mobile efforts.  Whether it’s Yelp, Facebook, Google or more, you have to get your brand out there.  Depending on your budget, there are two companies offering one of the fastest way to do this:  YEXT or with Moz Local.

5. Customer-Centric:  Getting Social & Obtaining Reviews

Do you know what your customers think about you online? Do you engage with them socially?  How often do you monitor review websites?  These two components go hand and hand with it comes to mobile marketing.  Businesses must take an active role in understanding their customers, if you’re a B to C business, your business lives and may live an breathe on it’s social presence and the reviews customers make.  If you’re not up-to-speed on the right tactics to use, it can hurt your business and stunt growth.

6.  It’s On with Facebook

Social Media platforms like Facebook can be essential in the small business mobile marketing space.  Facebook is making significant strides in enabling small businesses to get geo-specific with their customer targets and will also allow you to specify devices.  It’s pretty amazing.  If you’re not using Facebook advertising to target your customers, you’re seriously missing out.

Inc Magazine wrote a recent article, 7 Things You Must Do to Succeed in a Mobile World that delves into the world of mobile marketing for those that are a bit more savvy.  If you get a moment, take a note on where its headed and use the advice above to make sure that your business takes advantage of all that this mobile world has to offer.

If your business is struggling with launching your mobile efforts, contact us for support.

Top Business, Internet Marketing & Tech MUST-READ RSS Feeds

Top Business, Internet Marketing & Tech MUST-READ RSS Feeds

431180588Getting caught up on what’s happening daily is probably one of the most important rituals I do daily.  One of my favorite time is pouring through my daily feed to see what’s trending or to find interesting or relevant new or breaking content.  Although I have many feeds, below are some of my favorites.  And as far as a reader…after Google Reader went adios, I headed over to Feedly and haven’t been disappointed.

Set your RSS Feed reader right using some of these top RSS feeds to keep you up to date with trending content in business, internet marketing and tech news.






In the end, your RSS feed comes down to a personal preference.  If you’re a finance person, you may prefer more feeds in that sector.  Pick and choose whatever you want and if you’re struggling with the right ones, follow someone else who share’s their own collection.  Visit Feedly’s Shared Collection post for more information.


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