5 Tips for LinkedIn Platform Building for Bird Brains

5 Tips for LinkedIn Platform Building for Bird Brains

linkedin-tips-work-smarter-not-harderSo you’re an expert huh?  Think you can contribute intelligent advice or commentary to the hoards of professionals on LinkedIn or other social networks?  If so, be prepared to wow the masses or else you may have
an audience of crickets.  How exactly can you accomplish that?  By following these five important tips.

*  Pick your topic wisely.  There’s nothing worse than discussing a topic that’s irrelevant in your business.  Research a relevant topic that’s trending.  If your business is making snow cones, and their’s a new flavor that’s hot, write about it.  Whatever your wisdom is, share it!

*  Be Helpful:  Some professionals don’t like to share tips and information because they fear they’re giving out too much information about their business like it’s a secret sauce.  Really?  Yes.  Sad, but true.  Remember, you’re the expert.  No matter how much information you dole out, no one will ever be able to create the awesomeness that’s you.

*  Find your hook!  What’s your draw that hooks your reader?  Have you taken the time to really flush out the topic enough to keep your readers reading?  The more you add depth and perspective to a post, the longer it can produce better results for your brand.

*  Share.  Share.  Share.  Don’t just post and then bolt.  Find the time to interact, comment and share other relevant content on LinkedIn. Just by being active, you’re making your presence known and building continuity with other professions and groups.

*  Read.  Read.  Read.  Take the time to be in the know!  Research daily or weekly topics on your industry.  By doing this, you’ll be surprised on how many ideas you can generate that you create your own content and communicate to the masses.

There are so many tricks to building up your personal brand on LinkedIn–even if you are a bird brain.  And if you’re still not convinced or are unsure how to proceed, follow a favorite professional and see how they communicate their exceptional knowledge.  From there, you’ll be poised to take your professional brand to the next level.

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