Repost – Office Prank – Horse Play

There’s one in every crows!  I got a little carried away on this one. I couldn’t help myself.  Here’s one office prank: The next time someone in your office  a coworker or yournemesis perhaps  feel free to let them know with this image below.

We’ve all been known to act like a horse’s ass, and now’s your chance to let that special
someone know. Suggestions for application:

* For a cubicle – Make several copies (at least 25) of an 8.5 x 11 and plastering it everywhere.  Consider it wallpaper even. I think they’ll get the picture.

* For an office – Same idea,but you’ll need at least double copies (50) plus add a poster-size of the image to the person’s office door.

* For extra credit – If you can, put it as a screen saver on your coworker’s computer and for
additional props, slip it into a business presentation at your next meeting. Now you’re talking!

Oh,and one more piece of advice….don’t get fired or you’ll be the new horse’s ass!

Since we were on the subject of horse’s asses…I thought I’d post this one too!

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