6 Business Mobile Marketing Tips

6 Business Mobile Marketing Tips

Mobile Marketing small

Mobile Marketing Tips

It pains me to say that most small business owners I talk to don’t have a clue about what their business looks like to a mobile user.  Honestly, most of them don’t even know if their website is mobile-ready.  Mobile marketing isn’t even on their radar.  This isn’t that surprising when you consider how little they know about online marketing in general.  Much like our legal system, ignorance–especially in this day and age–is no defense.

Today I thought I’d feature some tips on implementing a mobile business and how you can capitalize on it.  Here’s a stat you’re going to want to commit to memory every time you do any planning around your business.

Fact:  Mobile Media Time IS the Preferred Choice

Last year’s Internet Trends Report by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB) featured key findings that Mobile Media time is the preferred choice of media over desktop and other media devices.  Mobile users are averaging a total of 2.8 hours per day on their phones, which is increasing significantly over the last 2-3 years.  For more information on this report, click here.

CaptureInternet Report

6 Business Mobile Marketing Tips


1. What’s the plan?  Marketing to your mobile customers doesn’t have to be difficult, it just needs to be a part of your marketing plan period.  

Consider your existing plan?  Now, have you outlined how your mobile efforts fit into your planning?  It’s kind of like a decade or so ago when companies had to incorporate online marketing efforts into their existing marketing plan. Remember how many people had a hard time transitioning into the online world?  Wait, I know what you’re thinking…there are still companies that haven’t transitioned into the internet realm.  Yes, that’s true.  *Shakes Head and Sighs*  For now, let’s focus on the ones that have.  Get your plan together, and make sure it carves out a significant sector for mobile users.

2. Make sure your Website it Mobile-Ready

If you don’t have a website and your on WordPress, consider a mobile plugin like WPtouch Pro.  Start here and then make sure you test all the pages and features.  Crunchify wrote a great article featuring Top 3 WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly.  If you get a chance, review this post to see how to improve your website’s mobility.  If you’re running another web platform, an older html website for example, look to solutions like DudaMobile.  Although I’m not a favorite of that platform, in a pinch, it can be a solid alternative.  And If you’re website is that old, you need to think about updating it and making sure it’s more responsive.

3.  Review your Mobile Analytics

Begin reviewing Google Analytics within over a 90 day period to understand determine how users are using your mobile site.   Which devices are they using?  To view this data on your website, in Google Analytics Navigate to Audience > Mobile > Devices.  Select the Percentage (pie chart) view from the top right of the table to see at a glance which devices drive the most traffic to your site.

 4.  Local Local Local – What does your business looks like online?

If you’re a retail establishment, you must be able to be found fast online.  The fastest way to do this is with making sure your online listings are setup and are accurate.  Reviews are another important aspect that need to be apart of your local marketing and mobile efforts.  Whether it’s Yelp, Facebook, Google or more, you have to get your brand out there.  Depending on your budget, there are two companies offering one of the fastest way to do this:  YEXT or with Moz Local.

5. Customer-Centric:  Getting Social & Obtaining Reviews

Do you know what your customers think about you online? Do you engage with them socially?  How often do you monitor review websites?  These two components go hand and hand with it comes to mobile marketing.  Businesses must take an active role in understanding their customers, if you’re a B to C business, your business lives and may live an breathe on it’s social presence and the reviews customers make.  If you’re not up-to-speed on the right tactics to use, it can hurt your business and stunt growth.

6.  It’s On with Facebook

Social Media platforms like Facebook can be essential in the small business mobile marketing space.  Facebook is making significant strides in enabling small businesses to get geo-specific with their customer targets and will also allow you to specify devices.  It’s pretty amazing.  If you’re not using Facebook advertising to target your customers, you’re seriously missing out.

Inc Magazine wrote a recent article, 7 Things You Must Do to Succeed in a Mobile World that delves into the world of mobile marketing for those that are a bit more savvy.  If you get a moment, take a note on where its headed and use the advice above to make sure that your business takes advantage of all that this mobile world has to offer.

If your business is struggling with launching your mobile efforts, contact us for support.

Top Business, Internet Marketing & Tech MUST-READ RSS Feeds

Top Business, Internet Marketing & Tech MUST-READ RSS Feeds

431180588Getting caught up on what’s happening daily is probably one of the most important rituals I do daily.  One of my favorite time is pouring through my daily feed to see what’s trending or to find interesting or relevant new or breaking content.  Although I have many feeds, below are some of my favorites.  And as far as a reader…after Google Reader went adios, I headed over to Feedly and haven’t been disappointed.

Set your RSS Feed reader right using some of these top RSS feeds to keep you up to date with trending content in business, internet marketing and tech news.






In the end, your RSS feed comes down to a personal preference.  If you’re a finance person, you may prefer more feeds in that sector.  Pick and choose whatever you want and if you’re struggling with the right ones, follow someone else who share’s their own collection.  Visit Feedly’s Shared Collection post for more information.


5 Tips for LinkedIn Platform Building for Bird Brains

5 Tips for LinkedIn Platform Building for Bird Brains

linkedin-tips-work-smarter-not-harderSo you’re an expert huh?  Think you can contribute intelligent advice or commentary to the hoards of professionals on LinkedIn or other social networks?  If so, be prepared to wow the masses or else you may have
an audience of crickets.  How exactly can you accomplish that?  By following these five important tips.

*  Pick your topic wisely.  There’s nothing worse than discussing a topic that’s irrelevant in your business.  Research a relevant topic that’s trending.  If your business is making snow cones, and their’s a new flavor that’s hot, write about it.  Whatever your wisdom is, share it!

*  Be Helpful:  Some professionals don’t like to share tips and information because they fear they’re giving out too much information about their business like it’s a secret sauce.  Really?  Yes.  Sad, but true.  Remember, you’re the expert.  No matter how much information you dole out, no one will ever be able to create the awesomeness that’s you.

*  Find your hook!  What’s your draw that hooks your reader?  Have you taken the time to really flush out the topic enough to keep your readers reading?  The more you add depth and perspective to a post, the longer it can produce better results for your brand.

*  Share.  Share.  Share.  Don’t just post and then bolt.  Find the time to interact, comment and share other relevant content on LinkedIn. Just by being active, you’re making your presence known and building continuity with other professions and groups.

*  Read.  Read.  Read.  Take the time to be in the know!  Research daily or weekly topics on your industry.  By doing this, you’ll be surprised on how many ideas you can generate that you create your own content and communicate to the masses.

There are so many tricks to building up your personal brand on LinkedIn–even if you are a bird brain.  And if you’re still not convinced or are unsure how to proceed, follow a favorite professional and see how they communicate their exceptional knowledge.  From there, you’ll be poised to take your professional brand to the next level.

TOA ReVamped!

TOA ReVamped!

origin-of-cool-black-gradient1We’ve been slowly revising our website to a new look and feel.  In between our regular work, we’ve been finalizing the small details of in order to best illustrate everything it is we do.

To get an understanding of all our services, visit the Services section which include anything from web assessment, social media and design, photography and so on.

Some of the new sections of our website include our Portfolio and Testimonial sections.  Our Blog focus has changed slightly, be our goal is still set to inspire in a humorous sort of way.

Have a question about a service we offer?  Comment or send us an email at info(at) theofficeants (dot) com.


Bring Cheetos to your next meeting!

Bring Cheetos to your next meeting!

For your next meeting, bring in a bag or bowl of Cheetos and sit back and wait. You’d be hard-pressed not to indulge with a bowl of puffy, crunchy, orangey goodness at the table.
Nix the napkins too and see which colleague smudges their paperwork, wipes on their clothes or better yet licks their fingers.
Double points if you bring a one wet nap for your use only. Be sure and break out the whippie when everyone’s watching. And then of course throw it away, making sure no one else is using it. 
(Note: This office jest works best when a presentation is going on, and the room is dark.  When the presentation is over and the lights go back on, that’s when the real fun begins.)
This office fun won’t last very long, but when you see neon streaks of orange peppered around the room, we guarantee, you’ll at least be entertained.

Extreme Cheetos Office Fun 

Not recommended, but still funny as hell.

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