Top #Unforgettable Moments in the World Cup 2014

Top #Unforgettable Moments in the World Cup 2014

Aside from Google’s memorable doodles, there were so many great moments caught during this year’s FIFA World Cup that truly lit up the internet.  From one soccer fan to another, these were some of the images that, rightfully so, went viral and kept us wanting more.



Netherland’s Robin van Persie was a superstar from the onset.  And this image and goal is one of the many that went viral with some awesome meme’s.  Here’s just one I found.



Uruguay‘s Luis Suárez biting incident brought outrage and shame to the talented soccer club and ensued a calamity of memes.


Germany defeats Brazil 7 to 1. (Ouch)

Brazil’s catastrophic loss to Germany generated an ungodly amount of Jesus face-palming memes, featuring the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil.  Even though the loss sent Brazil momentarily into hysterics, the rest of the world could do nothing but laugh.


Best #WorldCup 2014 Selfie

After Germany won, Germany’s Lukas Podolski tweeted out this selfie that of course went viral, catpuring an incredible winning moment for Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger.  


Legendary Status

This guy’s image went viral too.  Remember him?  His little blackboard launched an insane amount of meme’s which had the masses enjoying every moment.




There were just a few famous and unforgettable moments captured during World Cup 2014.  What a spectacular time we had this summer!  Do you have a favorite moment?  Are you looking forward to 2018 in Russia?

Photography:  Image is everything

Photography: Image is everything

Quotes Photography (13)You’ve heard of the old saying, a picture can say a thousand words.  With the fast world we live in and our addiction to the internet and technology, the right image can catapult a brand and destroy it in seconds.  Taking the time to carefully chose your photography or create your graphic imagery is now more vital than ever.

Today, with the photos and memes flooding the internet, there are people taking photographer and their own personal brand to a whole new level.  Some people are even hiring photographers just to take pictures of their everyday lives so they can share with friends and family online.  I’m not talking about a old family photo or Christmas card, I’m talking about a child’s soccer game or a family party.  For businesses, it can be as standard as company staff photos or a simple creative meeting.  The list goes on, but I think you get the point.  Thankfully, having access to talented photographers isn’t as difficult as it used to be.  With brand agencies like ours and with careful planning, you can have the perfect image for your brand.

Still not sure about investing in your online brand?  Not all photography and graphic imagery is expensive to create.  It’s finding the right partner to fit your budget is what’s challenging.  Thankfully with agencies like the office ants and with the help of social networking sites like Imageshack, there are some phenomenal photographers out there with impeccable talent.  Take Imageshack for example.  These individuals take an artistic approach to everything, including something as simple and vital as a selfie.

Imageshack Featured Photographers

featuredphotographers on imageshack

Cool huh?  If you’re not happy with your brand online, then it’s time to evaluate what’s wrong and why.  As seasoned photographers, we understand how important the right brand image can connect with customers, whether you’re targeting businesses or the consumer market.  For more information, visit our Photography Portfolio section of our website.

Care to share your best brand image?  Comment or send us an email at info(at)theofficeants(dot)com.


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