Extreme Casual Fridays

Extreme Casual Fridays

What not to wear for in the office of Fridays.  This is a post I’ve been wanted to post for some time now.  The idea is this…create a caption:

A.  Copy like it’s hot!


B.  Casual my a**.

C.  Eewww

D.  Muffin Top Alum

E.  Casual Friday Fail

F.  Thank God!

Any suggestions?

Have a good weekend.


Facebook Like or Dislike Office Stamp

Facebook Like or Dislike Office Stamp

Okay, so I saw this Facebook Like / Dislike stamp and decided I had to post about it.  Wouldn’t the office be so much easier if you could use these.  Or what about email?  Let’s say if you didn’t care for an email someone sent, could you hit dislike or better yet, reject?  

And yes, you can actually purchase these.  Check it out here.

Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend.

Donkey Crossing Sign – a must need for any office

Donkey Crossing Sign – a must need for any office

Download the Donkey Crossing Sign today. 

You know you want to.
Go ahead and print this crossing sign and start having some fun at work.  We’ve even taken the liberty of suggesting a few ideas of where you can place these. 
  • Boss office door
  • An office/cubicle of an annoying colleague
  • Litter your friend’s desk
  • Water cooler
  • Men’s bathroom
  • Office Kitchen
  • Finance Department
  • Human Resources
  • Executive Meeting Room
  • Mailroom
  • Elevator (if applicable)
Oh and one more thing…try not to get caught!
Looking for the real deal?  You can purchase signs, stickers and other fun stuff here.

Ugly Christmas Sweater in the Office

Ugly Christmas Sweater in the Office

This year celebrate the holidays in the most ridiculous way possible and have an Ugly Sweater Contest.  Skip the old typical, boring pot luck parties, Secret Santa gift exchange etc… and have some real fun. 

If you haven’t done so already, pull out that ugly holiday sweater your Aunt “So-And-So” gave (hopefully there won’t be too many moth holes in it) and don it for fun.
Even if you don’t have an office party to celebrate it, wear it anyway.  Trust us…you’ll be glad you did.  And if you need some inspiration, take a look at these office folks, having a merry ol’ time indeed.

Take a look at these holiday classics!  

Excellent contestant!
This one gets added points for the tie!
I have no idea if these guys work together, but they sure look like they’re having fun.  The pipe is a nice touch too.

Last but not least, take a look at this one.  One glance and you can see their in the holiday spirit and having so much fun too!
Happy Holidays!

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