“The workplace needs laughter. ” – Amen!

“The workplace needs laughter. ” – Amen!

Harvard Business Review published an article on humor in the workplace this month.  Although many work enviroments shy away from this type of management strategy, it’s nice to know there are some innovative thinkers out there. In the creative space, humor is essential.  The lead sentence to this article “The workplace needs laughter,” couldn’t be more accurate, especially if your business thrives on innovation and creativity.

dog laughing at a jokeHBR disputes that humor in the office is subjective which is why it’s difficult for stuffy corporate-types to consider it as a form of management tool.  The subjectivity part is absolutely true.  What some people think is funny can also have some team members frowning.  Although the concept of “leading with humor” in the office has a long way to go, there are some great takeaways.

As a believer is all things creative and fun, the real takeaway isn’t the humor we love, but the fun we crave.  Giving employees a reason to enjoy their jobs is essential to achieve  better productivity and better creativity.  And let’s be realistic about what that means.  It doesn’t mean being incompetent and non-productive.  It means being professional first and using a work hard, play hard mentality to achieve personal and company goals.

Other than the office ants, I’ve never experienced “leading with humor” in a corporate culture.  The only time, I’ve experienced this in nearly two decades of my career has been in small teams or within special projects.  The results of those team projects were astounding and the memories just as thrilling.

What do you think about leading with humor?  Are you a fan?  To read more about the interesting article, visit HBR.

Have some fun, and keep working.


TOA ReVamped!

TOA ReVamped!

origin-of-cool-black-gradient1We’ve been slowly revising our website to a new look and feel.  In between our regular work, we’ve been finalizing the small details of in order to best illustrate everything it is we do.

To get an understanding of all our services, visit the Services section which include anything from web assessment, social media and design, photography and so on.

Some of the new sections of our website include our Portfolio and Testimonial sections.  Our Blog focus has changed slightly, be our goal is still set to inspire in a humorous sort of way.

Have a question about a service we offer?  Comment or send us an email at info(at) theofficeants (dot) com.


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