Bring Cheetos to your next meeting!

Bring Cheetos to your next meeting!

For your next meeting, bring in a bag or bowl of Cheetos and sit back and wait. You’d be hard-pressed not to indulge with a bowl of puffy, crunchy, orangey goodness at the table.
Nix the napkins too and see which colleague smudges their paperwork, wipes on their clothes or better yet licks their fingers.
Double points if you bring a one wet nap for your use only. Be sure and break out the whippie when everyone’s watching. And then of course throw it away, making sure no one else is using it. 
(Note: This office jest works best when a presentation is going on, and the room is dark.  When the presentation is over and the lights go back on, that’s when the real fun begins.)
This office fun won’t last very long, but when you see neon streaks of orange peppered around the room, we guarantee, you’ll at least be entertained.

Extreme Cheetos Office Fun 

Not recommended, but still funny as hell.

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