Photography:  Image is everything

Photography: Image is everything

Quotes Photography (13)You’ve heard of the old saying, a picture can say a thousand words.  With the fast world we live in and our addiction to the internet and technology, the right image can catapult a brand and destroy it in seconds.  Taking the time to carefully chose your photography or create your graphic imagery is now more vital than ever.

Today, with the photos and memes flooding the internet, there are people taking photographer and their own personal brand to a whole new level.  Some people are even hiring photographers just to take pictures of their everyday lives so they can share with friends and family online.  I’m not talking about a old family photo or Christmas card, I’m talking about a child’s soccer game or a family party.  For businesses, it can be as standard as company staff photos or a simple creative meeting.  The list goes on, but I think you get the point.  Thankfully, having access to talented photographers isn’t as difficult as it used to be.  With brand agencies like ours and with careful planning, you can have the perfect image for your brand.

Still not sure about investing in your online brand?  Not all photography and graphic imagery is expensive to create.  It’s finding the right partner to fit your budget is what’s challenging.  Thankfully with agencies like the office ants and with the help of social networking sites like Imageshack, there are some phenomenal photographers out there with impeccable talent.  Take Imageshack for example.  These individuals take an artistic approach to everything, including something as simple and vital as a selfie.

Imageshack Featured Photographers

featuredphotographers on imageshack

Cool huh?  If you’re not happy with your brand online, then it’s time to evaluate what’s wrong and why.  As seasoned photographers, we understand how important the right brand image can connect with customers, whether you’re targeting businesses or the consumer market.  For more information, visit our Photography Portfolio section of our website.

Care to share your best brand image?  Comment or send us an email at info(at)theofficeants(dot)com.


Author Must-Haves on Amazon

Author Must-Haves on Amazon

amazon-moneyAfter finalizing your ebook, here are a few tips to increase your chances of selling better on Amazon.

*  Choose your category wisely.  Make sure you have chosen the right category and sub category for your book.  This can really impact your book.  If you’re not sure, check to see some other best sellers to see which categories they choose and start from there.

*  Create an author page.  Even if you only have one book on Amazon get an author page.  Amazon has an entire section about how to do this.  Click here to review the particulars.  Also, take the time to optimize it with the right key words.

*  Ask fans to post their reviews on Amazon:  Ask for a review everywhere you can.  On blogs, on your author page, on your website, doing a guest post.  The more reviews you get the better.  Check out some of these other Amazon Author Pages   Amanda HockingKresley Cole and James Patterson.

* Amazon Top Reviews:  Consider asking some of Amazon’s top reviewers to have them review your book.  See the list attached or search for another one within Amazon.

*  Amazon and Social Media:  Link your social media accounts in your Amazon author page and network as much as possible.

*  Follow other best selling others:  Take time to follow other authors that write in your genre.  Network as much possible and don’t focus on

Looking for more tips?  Follow us for more tips and remember…keep on writing. 🙂



Progress:  Our Portfolio is Growing

Progress: Our Portfolio is Growing

Have you checked out our sample work under the Portfolio section?  Our business is growing and so should your’s.  We’ve built strong, lasting relationships with clients by offering them reliable, quality web and social services.

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”— Scott Belsky, Behance co-founder

Some of our samples includes branding and social media.  A social media page at times can be the first introduction a person has to your brand.  Take the time to find the right message to catch reader’s interest.

For more information about the types of services we offer, visit the services section of our website.  If you’re finding your web needs are growing by the hour and your still haven’t found a solid partner, send us an email at info(at)  We can review your needs and provide a affordable solution fast.

Brandy Escobar


Conan Determines Non-Essential Staff

Conan Determines Non-Essential Staff

Anyone who’s been through corporate downsizing in their career can relate to this.  Having your position evaluated isn’t fun and can be down right stressful.  Luckily, there’s comedians like Conan who can hilariously illustrate what the experience is like.  Sadly, in many cases, it’s not too far from reality.

How essential are you?  In this video, watch Conan review his staff to determine if they are non-essential.  Jordan Schlansky is hilarious and such a good sport.

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