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Simple Tips & Tools to Help Grow Your Business

6 Business Mobile Marketing Tips

It pains me to say that most small business owners I talk to don’t have a clue about what their business looks like to a mobile user.  Honestly, most of them don’t even know...

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Top Business, Internet Marketing & Tech MUST-READ RSS Feeds

Getting caught up on what’s happening daily is probably one of the most important rituals I do daily.  One of my favorite time is pouring through my daily feed to see what’s trending or...

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5 Lessons Learned from the Sharknado Frenzy

This month, Sci-Fi released it’s second take on the ridiculous made-for-TV film series, Sharknado.  This series originally launched in July of last year and due to overwhelming frenzy of fans, the network quickly went...

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5 Tips for LinkedIn Platform Building for Bird Brains

So you’re an expert huh?  Think you can contribute intelligent advice or commentary to the hoards of professionals on LinkedIn or other social networks?  If so, be prepared to wow the masses or else you...

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Top #Unforgettable Moments in the World Cup 2014

Aside from Google’s memorable doodles, there were so many great moments caught during this year’s FIFA World Cup that truly lit up the internet.  From one soccer fan to another, these were some of the...

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“The workplace needs laughter. ” – Amen!

“The workplace needs laughter. ” – Amen!

Harvard Business Review published an article on humor in the workplace this month.  Although many work enviroments shy away from this type of management strategy, it’s nice to know there are some innovative thinkers...

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